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Policies & Terms of Condition

In order to provide certain services and goods at our website, FICS contract with other companies and individuals. These additional services and goods may include "links" to other websites from our website. FICS' privacy practices may not be applicable at any third-party sites. Anytime you leave the FICS website, we have no control regarding what information may be collected about you, nor do we control what third-parties might do with the information.

For example, when you click on our payment gateway at the FICS site, you will be connected with the third-party merchant's website (even if the FICS name/logo is on the screen). This merchant website should have its own privacy statement applying to transactions at their website. It is important that you review any privacy policies on third-party sites carefully,

BEFORE you use any services or programs offered, please familiarise yourself with the following policies which FICS have in place. 

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