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FICS Commissions

FICS is supported by Eight (8) Commissions, each of which responsible for performing the activities to achieve the objectives of FICS.  To contact any of the commission chairs below email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Commission
Ethics:  Responsible for the oversight and moderation of posture and behaviour of FICS and its members in accordance with sound moral, ethical and professional conduct.

CSR:    Responsible for partner development and sustainability for underserved communities and responsible for coordinating with the marketing commission for resource management (doctors to work events) and promotional content when hitting strategic benchmarks 

WOSP Program:   Responsible for promoting good relationships with current and past Olympians, partly through implementing the Olympians Scholarship Program. Other opportunities for outreach programs demonstrating CSR.


Chair:                          Jay Greenstein                        USA

 Vice Chair/s
 Ethics                           Todd Reiter                             USA
Phoebe Henry                        Australia
 WOSP                          Brian Seaman                        USA

 Commission Members:
 Angela Salcedo                       USA
 John Downes                          USA




Marketing Commission
Responsible for all internal and external communication within FICS through the establishment of effective communication channels, social media platforms and electronic marketing platforms (website and newsletter). Promoting FICS through effective communication with current and prospective stakeholders.

Sanna Svensson                    Sweden

Commission Members:
Nash Anderson                       Australia
Phillippe Fleuriau                    France
Amy Bowzaylo                        Bahrain
Aidan Kaye                             USA





Education Commission

Responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and management of educational programs provided by FICS, and liaising with FICS members and other interested participants. (need to break out each program into a separate responsibility). Responsible for assisting in the development of minimum international standards for sports chiropractic education programs including oversight of the current ICSC curriculum. 

Tim Stark                                 USA
Vice Chair: 
Beth Antoine                            USA

Commission Members:
Brian Nook                               USA
Scott Howitt                             Canada
Kaz Isa                                    Japan
Kay Pierce                                UK
Mustafa Agaglu                        Turkey
Brett Jarosz                              Australia
Charmaine Korporaal               South Africa
Steve Smilkstein                      South Africa

Finance Commission
Responsible for directing and monitoring all aspects of FICS finances. Responsible for ensuring FICS can meet its financial goals through the oversight of FICS financial matters, including the formation and monitoring of the FICS budget. Developing strategies for the generation of additional sources of revenue.  

Mika Janhunen                       UK

Vice Chair
Luke Nelson                            Australia

Commission Members:
Brian Nook                              USA   
Charmaine Daniels                 Vanuatu
Shane Lawlor                          Ireland




International Sporting Federations Commission (ISF)

ISF:  Responsible for the identification, establishment, and fostering of relationships with GAISF and ISF’s who have been identified as strategically and/or politically advantageous for FICS’ growth and development towards achieving IOC recognition and full accreditation status at the Olympic Games. Responsible for the identification of games and events that improve the recognition and position of FICS in the sporting arena.

Games:  Responsible for the organization and management of the FICS presence at sanctioned sporting events through the selection and credentialing of FICS members.

SimonLawsonISFCommissionChair ISF:                                Simon Lawson  (South Africa)
Vice Chair - Games:                             Tim Ray (USA)
Vice Chair - IWGA/GAISF Liaison:      Brian Nook (USA)

Commission Members: 
Mercedes D'Acosta     (South American & Caribbean Rep)              Mexico
Martin Camara            (Asian Rep)                                                    Philippines
Craig Couillard            (USA/North American)                                   USA
Jason Fyfer                 (South Africa Rep)                                          South Africa
Paul Cheung               (Middle Eastern Rep)                                     UAE
Audrey Yargui             (European Rep)                                              France
Lotte Langhoff             (European Rep)                                             Denmark
David Lourie                (Oceania Rep)                                               Australia
Christine Foss             (North American Rep)                                    USA


Membership Commission

Responsible for stabilizing current membership levels and the generation of new memberships (individual and NSCS) through the promotion of FICS.  Assisting new NCSC to set up and gain FICS membership. 

NatAkmensMembershipCommissionChair:                             Nathan Akmens                                        Australia
Vice Chair:                    Nicolaas Tjaart Van Der Merwe           South Africa


Gillian Johnston              South Africa
Shea Stark                      USA
Ed Feinberg                    USA
Mateusz Nowacki           Poland
Martin Isaksson              Sweden
Aleisha Serrano              Puerto
Skelding                South Africa


Research Commission
Responsible for the promotion and encouragement of research in Sports Chiropractic and the dissemination of research to FICS members.  Responsible for fostering and developing research in the area of Sports Chiropractic.  Responsible for the development of recommended reading materials in the area of sport chiropractic  Responsible for creating a research agenda for dissemination through our educational contacts.  Responsible for managing the creation of Research activities within the FICS membership    


  Stephen Perle                                   USA

  Henry Pollard                                    Australia
  Alexandra Ruhe                                Germany
  Matthew Stevens
  Guy Gosselin            





Student Commission
Responsible for the creation of opportunities for students interested in sports chiropractic and the disseminate of information relating to education and opportunities.  Responsible for managing the Student Scholarship Awards

AndyStrachan studentcommission

Andy Strachan                        USA   


Tanya Higgs                            Australia
Kaila Alvarez                           USA