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FICS Statutes

FICS has become a significant international organisation with a scattered world-wide membership. FICS Statutes reflect an organisational structure which is more reflective of a contemporary commercial organisation where the strategic and operational responsibilities are separated.  The FICS Statutes is to aligned with its 2019 to 2023 Strategic Plan developed in April 2018. This was designed specifically to enable the organisation to achieve its growth aspirations and to position FICS as the “thought leader in sports chiropractic”. 

Separation of strategy and the monitoring of the organisational health of the organisation, from the day to day management and administration of the operational and tactical affairs are important to ensure good governance and that the decision-making process is reflective of organisational needs. The Statutes provide FICS with the ability to led by a strong strategically focussed Executive Council made up of regional members selected against an organisational skills matrix, and a strong operationally focussed Executive Management Team that will ensure real-time delivery of the activities required to achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives.

It establishes a succession planning capability whereby individuals will be rewarded for their valuable service in the Commissions and Executive Management Team with the ability to sit at the Executive Council level. This will enable FICS to start to groom the future leaders of the organisation and move away from the traditional model of standing in line to be rewarded with a management position without having contributed to the overall growth of the organisation.

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