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membership is composed of ordinary, associate and honorary members as follows and with these voting rights:

1. Ordinary Members: national sports chiropractic councils or associations (NCSCs). Each NCSC shall appoint one vote-carrying delegate to attend the General Assembly. This delegate shall have voting rights according to the following classification:

• NCSCs with 1 to 50 individual members 5 votes
• NCSCs with 51 and 100 individual members 8 votes
• NCSCs with 101 or more individual members 10 votes

2. Associate Members: any association, organization, institution or individual that supports the goals of FICS. These may include, but are not limited to:

a. Voting members:

• National associations of chiropractors that are members of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) 2 votes
• Chiropractic teaching institutions 2 votes
• Student chiropractic sports councils 1 vote

b. Non-voting members:

• Other associations, organizations and institutions
• Individual members

3. Honorary Members: any individual who has worked in the interest of public health, particularly in the area of sports chiropractic, may be approved as an honorary member by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Executive Council. Honorary members may participate in the activities of FICS, are exempt from having to pay annual membership dues and shall have no vote.