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CSIT Games Spain 2019

News update 4th July 2019

FICS are lucky to be supported with passionate members willing to offer their time freely to support athletes at games. FICS currently have a team on the ground in Tortosa Spain. Hear more from FICS Chefs de Mission Tim Ray who is on the ground with the FICS team supporting athletes. You can follow all the updates at #FICSCSIT2019. 

325E43E2 C583 4B15 9678 4A2E93D2BBC5"We are quite busy here, leaving before 8:00 and returning between 21-23:00 each day. We are in five surrounding cities which are in a 27K radius of Tortosa. It is hot here with temperatures ranging from 30-40C. Having a moment to reflect on daily occurrences even between ourselves is minimal and limited to the moments eating breakfast together for 15-20 minutes in the morning; to short conversations with teams as they return at night. Then off to bed to start over in the morning. 

My initial impressions in the administration of our services is we are functioning well together. Athletes and sports federations are also happy with us being here. With this being the 3rd time FICS has worked these games, we are now experiencing that we (FICS) are remembered from past WSG games. This recognition is the first time we have enjoyed this advantage. 

I call the last 2 days "Camel through the keyhole" days because this is when we find out how all the collaboration, preparation and organization for CSIT, TORTOC, FICS now work together. Also how for months our ideas, wishes, planning, compromising between what we would have liked; compared to what is available are mixed together into an improvisation of a final product. Then we push it all out the door to see how it works with hope and anxiety for the best. I now feel our planning and coordination were spot on. Our team selection accurate, as all are working well together at a high level of professionalism and functionality. Most importantly our members are having fun doing what they love to do best, giving athletes a level playing field of care and proving sports chiropractic is a vital component in the world of sports medicine.

Sending you are best from Spain,

Tim Ray"